Software I use, and things I recommend.

I get asked a lot about the things I use to build software, stay productive, or buy to fool myself into thinking I'm being productive when I’m really just procrastinating. Here’s a big list of all of my favorite stuff.


  • Warp

    Warp is a modern, Rust-based terminal with AI built in that makes it easier to navigate and manage your terminal sessions. It is incredibly fast and has a beautiful interface.

  • Shadcn

    Beautifully designed components that you can copy and paste into your projects. They are simple, clean, and easy to use.

  • TailwindCSS

    I rely on Tailwind for all my projects. It is an outstanding utility-first CSS framework that simplifies the creation of responsive, accessible, and high-performance interfaces.

  • Nextjs

    Next.js is my go-to for all React projects. It is an excellent framework for developing static and server-rendered React applications.

  • Vercel

    I use Vercel for most of my websites. It is highly flexible and user-friendly, capable of scaling with my site and providing numerous outstanding features out of the box.


  • Monitor Control

    Monitor Control is a macOS app that allows you to control your external monitor's brightness, contrast, and volume. It is a fantastic tool for managing your monitor settings.

  • Raycast

    Raycast is a productivity tool for macOS that lets you control your tools with a few keystrokes. It is a fantastic way to save time and stay focused on your work.

  • Rectangle

    Rectangle is a window management app for macOS that allows you to move and resize windows with ease.


  • Figma

    Figma is my preferred tool for all design work, including wireframes, prototypes, and final designs. It is an excellent platform for collaboration with others.

  • Visily

    Visily is an AI tool that generates beautiful, high-quality UI designs in seconds. It is incredibly fast and easy to use.

Random Things I Like

  • Monaspace Font

    Monaspace is a beautiful monospaced font that I use in Visual Studio Code. It is easy to read and makes my code look great.